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From Mines to Electric Vehicles: Three conditions to ensure electrification isn’t a mining disaster

As Ottawa and Quebec develop multi-billion dollar recovery plans that aim, in particular, to expand extractive mining to feed the growth in electric batteries, we call on our governments to implement needed reforms to ensure this does not undermine the sustainability of transportation. To...

Equinox Gold: Racist and Discriminatory Company, outside Los Filos, Mexico (Source: Amapola)

Talks at Los Filos in Guerrero, Mexico, Break Down; Ejido Calls On Equinox Gold to Name New Negotiators

After 42 days of camping out to stop operations at the Los Filos mine in Guerrero, México, the Ejido of Carrizalillo has issued a public statement (translated below) to Equinox Gold’s top management calling on the...

Equinox Gold: Racist and Discriminatory Company, outside Los Filos, Mexico (Source: Amapola)

Why Can't Equinox Gold Keep an Agreement? Timeline of events at Los Filos, Mexico

[updated November 25, 2020] 

On September 3, 2020, the Ejido of Carrizalillo shut down the Los Filos gold mine in Guerrero, México over racist and discriminatory treatment as well as the company’s breaches of their social-cooperation agreement. On September 11 the Ejido...

RMI report - Climate Change and Biodiversity

RMI Report 2020: Even the Best Mining Companies Fail to Protect Human Rights & the Environment

As the extraction of minerals continue to grow exponentially worldwide, including to supply increasing demand for energy transition technologies and batteries for electric vehicles, the Responsible Mineral Index 2020 (RMI 2020) concludes that "even the best mining companies" still fail to meet...

OECD guidelines

Canada’s National Contact Point is Long Overdue for an Overhaul

On October 7, 2020, MiningWatch submitted a brief to Global Affairs Canada with detailed recommendations for a complete overhaul of Canada’s National Contact Point (NCP) for the OECD...

Acid Mine Drainage at Tulsequah Chief Mine. Credit: Chris Miller.

Mine Waste in Canada: A Growing Liability

Why do affected communities care about mine waste? And why should we care?

When companies dig the metals and minerals we use from the ground, they typically only extract a tiny fraction that is economically viable and sold to the markets. The rest is waste....

Equinox Gold: Racist and Discriminatory Company, outside Los Filos, Mexico (Source: Amapola)

One Month Later, Equinox Gold Still Failing to Meet Basic Conditions for Dialogue with Communities at Los Filos Mine

Today marks one month since the Ejido of Carrizalillo began a peaceful, legal encampment to stop operations at Equinox Gold’s Los Filos mine in Guerrero, Mexico, over the company’s failure to comply with 70% of the terms of its social cooperation agreement with the community. The...

Community members from Mallin de los Cual, Gan Gan Caravan to Defend Water (Source: NoaLaMinaEsquel)

Declaration of the Union of the Assemblies of the Communities of Chubut

[Posted from the The Union of the Assemblies of the Communities of Chubut]

The Union of the Assemblies of the Communities of Chubut (UACCh), made up of assemblies from across the provincial territory, declare: We repudiate the information published on September 24 in the...

The Shuar Arutam People have already decided! NO to mining – we don't want to be "consulted"!

Take Action to Support the Indigenous Shuar Arutam People in the Ecuadorian Amazon

On September 8, Canadian mining company Solaris Resources Inc. issued a press release announcing the signing of an “Impacts and Benefits Agreement (“IBA”) for the Warintza Project ” with the Shuar Centres of Warints and Yawi. The release followed statements that the company has been...

Bacanora Lithium’s Sonora project.

Lithium and the False “Energy Transition”

On Tuesday, September 22, American company Tesla celebrated Tesla Battery Day, which coincides with the company’s Annual General Meeting. Tesla is the largest producer of lithium batteries and electric cars in North America, and its majority shareholder is businessman Elon Musk, who has...

Parliamentary e-petition

Parliamentary Petition Addresses Human Rights Crisis in the Philippines, Mining, and Canada's Role

Please support human rights in the Philippines by signing this petition before December 30, 2020. MiningWatch Canada and the International Coalition for Human Rights in...

Overhead view of the Carrizalillo encampment, people are not on the road, but in the trees (Credit: Ejido de Carrizalillo)

Equinox Gold Drives Mexican Farmers to Shut Down Los Filos Mine to Protect Their Dignity and their Health

On September 3, 2020, the families of the Ejido of Carrizalillo in Guerrero, Mexico, shut down operations at Canadian mining company Equinox Gold’s Los Filos mine. Goldcorp began building the mine on Carrizalillo’s collective lands in 2006, which it had purchased illegally, leading to the...

Celebrating a year of resistance to Canadian mining

Ecuador Communities Day of Action Hits Cornerstone Resources’ AGM

On August 25, Cornerstone Resources (TSX:CGN) held its Annual General Meeting for shareholders, online and out of the reach of the communities and organizations most affected by its activities.

In response to this closed-door virtual meeting, communities in Ecuador affected...

Se Hizo Justicia - Putaendo Resiste

Chile: Valparaíso Court Nullifies Illegal Authorization of Vizcachitas Mining Company Drilling Project

In a historic ruling, the Valparaíso Court of Justice has nullified the illegal authorization of the “Prefeasibility Mining Drilling for Las Tejas” project and has ordered the Regional Environmental Assessment Service (SEA in Spanish) to implement a process of citizen participation for the...

Ecuador Organizations Condemn Canadian Mining Lobby on Important Public Consultation Decision

On August 19th, many organizations from Cuenca and the surrounding area of the Kimsakocha páramo in Ecuador released a public statement (translated below) regarding a letter sent by Canadian company INV Metals to the Cantonal Council of the municipality of Cuenca (attached here in...

"Voices from the Ground" report - title graphic

Hudbay Denies COVID-19 Infections at Constancia Mine – Peruvian Organization Responds

On August 4th, Peruvian organization Derechos Humanos Sin Fronteras-Cusco (DHSF) published a note on its web site responding to a statements made by Hudbay Minerals, first to a local newspaper, then during its AGM, and finally in a letter written to the Business and Human Rights...