Moths to a flame

What's Missing in Election Commitments to Stoke Ontario's Ring of Fire?

Like moths to a flame, Ontario’s political leaders have been circling the potential mining developments known as the Ring of Fire during the 2014 election campaign. Advancing development in the area received ink in the Liberal, NDP, and PC platforms and was a focal point of yesterday's northern...

Response to African Barrick Gold re: non-judicial grievance mechanisms at North Mara, Tanzania

Letter from MiningWatch Canada and Rights and Accountability in Development (RAID) in response to a letter and attachments received from African Barrick Gold dated 11 March 2014, concerning the project-level non-judicial grievance mechanisms at the company's North Mara gold mine in Tanzania.

Ejido Carrizalillo Denounces Insults and Rejects Goldcorp’s Austerity Offer for New Lease at Los Filos

Blog Entry: On Thursday, April 9th, the negotiating team for the Ejido Carrizalillo in Guerrero, Mexico, published a response to Goldcorp’s Vice President for Mexican Operations, Horacio Bruna. The team chastises the company directors in Mexico for treating them with disrespect and their...

URGENT ACTION: Call on Goldcorp to Negotiate in Good Faith with the Ejido Carrizalillo or to Initiate Mine Closure Plan

Join the Ejido's call for good faith negotiations without repression

Since the morning of Tuesday April 1, the Ejido Carrizalillo in Guerrero, Mexico has blocked operations at...

Sixteen Canadian and US organizations send letter of solidarity to Ejido Carrizalillo, Guerrero, Mexico

Open Letter: Sixteen Canadian and US organizations have sent a letter of solidarity to Ejido Carrizalillo in Guerrero, Mexico who are taking back their lands after their land use contract with a subsidiary of Vancouver-based Goldcorp ended late March 31, 2014. They are demanding more just...

Local Community Shuts Down Goldcorp's Los Filos Mine in Mexico; Company Claims It Was Suspended on Purpose

Goldcorp’s announcement Wednesday that it suspended operations at its Los Filos mine is a belated and misleading admission. The mine did not stop operating on the company's volition.

Canadian Development Aid No Longer Tied – Just Shackled to Corporate Mining Interests

Canada has a rising debt to mining-affected communities around the world. Meanwhile, aggressive government promotion of NGO-mining company partnerships is likely to be of greatest benefit to corporate public relations, and to restrain participating NGOs from joining the fight against corporate...
Salvador Sánchez Cerén
Salvador Sánchez Cerén

New Salvadoran Government Inherits Unfair Liability Thanks to Investment Rules

Even before former guerrilla commander Salvador Sánchez Cerén is inaugurated as President of El Salvador, his administration is saddled with an unnecessary $301-million liability -- a lawsuit over El Salvador's refusal to allow an environmentally perilous gold mine to be built.
Yukon panorama

Yukon Stories: Mining's Unbalanced Influence in the North

In September 2013, MiningWatch's Canada Program Coordinator, Ramsey Hart travelled to the Yukon. The trip north gave him the opportunity to hear Yukoners’ stories - their concerns and their vision of a sustainable future. During his Yukon trip Ramsey met with representatives from three First...

Letter to Barrick regarding African Barrick Gold’s non-judicial “remedy programs” at North Mara, Tanzania

MiningWatch and Rights and Accountability in Development wrote this letter to the President and CEO of Barrick Gold, Jamie Sokalsky, to ask the company to come clean about the “remedy programs” that African Barrick Gold (a UK-registered company controlled by Barrick Gold) has established for...

Dear Mr. Harper: An Open Letter from Mexican Organizations on the Eve of North American Leaders' Summit

Communiqué: Mexican organizations and communities have issued a searing public statement to the heads of state of Canada, the US and Mexico who will meet in Toluca, Mexico on February 19th. The declaration expresses opposition to the free trade framework and related policies that further...

Environmentalist and Communicator from the Siria Valley, Honduras Denounces Threats

Alert: Carlos Amador, an environmentalist and communicator from the Siria Valley in Honduras, is denouncing that over the last few months he has been watched and followed by unknown individuals using vehicles with tinted windows and without licence plates. He attributes this situation to...
Musician Tito Medina. Steve Hunt photo.

Imagine if Canada were Open for Justice!

At MiningWatch we live and breathe news about mining. But what’s good news for companies and their investors may be bad news for affected communities and anyone concerned about issues like human rights, the environment, economic justice, government accountability…(the list is long). We have to give...
Bev at OCMAL
Chief Bev Sellars and Karyn Keenan from the Halifax Initiative at the OCMAL Gathering.

Indigenous Struggle and Survival in the Face of Canadian Colonialism and Mining

Presentation: Xat'sull Chief Bev Sellars discusses the struggle of indigenous peoples for their territory and wellbeing of their communities in the context of continuing colonialism and destructive mining practices in Canada. Chief Sellars made this presentation at the Fifth Gathering of...
Escobal opposition banner
Escobal opposition banner.

Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200. Go to the Hospital?

How is it that when community leaders are wrongfully targeted in the aftermath of violence connected with Tahoe Resources’ Escobal mine they spend months in jail, while the company’s former head of security who faces criminal charges for his alleged role in the violence last April is first given...