Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to Hear about Canadian Government’s Role in Mining Abuses

The 149th Session of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) in Washington DC this Friday will hear from delegates from Colombia, Honduras, Peru, Chile and Brazil about the negative impacts of Canadian mining activities in the region, highlighting the Canadian government’s role.
Giant Mine Townsite and Marina, September 2011
Giant Mine, Townsite and Marina, September 2011. K. O'Reilly photo.

The Giant Mine: Will Reason Prevail?

Guest blog by Kevin O’Reilly, Alternatives North, Yellowknife: The Giant Mine operated at the edge of the city of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, from 1948 to 2004. As the gold-bearing ore was processed, the mine generated a toxic by-product, arsenic trioxide – a proven non-threshold...

(Not) Canada's Way

Are you ready to stand up for justice for mining-affected communities in the Global South? If the approval of a mine meant you would be kicked off your land, would you expect a chance to say no this project? And if it went ahead, would you expect to be compensated? If your drinking water were...
The Marcopper mine
Placer Dome/Barrick Gold's Marcopper mine, Marinduque, Philippines. C. Coumans photo.

Philippines: Marinduque ‘Pushed to the Wall’ by Barrick Gold

In the Philippines, the island province of Marinduque is known as a cautionary tale about the ravages of irresponsible mining. It took Canadian mining giant Placer Dome a couple of decades to wreak environmental destruction on major coral reefs in Calancan Bay and to severely contaminate the...

Revelations of Industrial Espionage Expose Underbelly of Canadian Support for Mining Companies

News that the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) has been spying on Brazil’s Mines Ministry starts to expose the extent to which the Canadian government is willing to go in the corporate interest. The scandal in Brazil is consistent with what Canadian authorities have been doing at...

Backgrounder: A Dozen Examples of Canadian Mining Diplomacy

Canadian Embassies have regularly gone to bat to protect the interests of Canadian mining companies in cases where communities don’t want them and/or where there have been egregious human rights and environmental abuses.
Yukon mining claims
Map of Yukon claims, Canadian Geographic.

The Bell Tolls for Free Entry in Canada: Legal Victory for Yukon First Nation Will Have Implications Across the Country

Late last week, the Ross River Dena First Nation learned that the Supreme Court of Canada would not hear the Yukon Government’s appeal of an earlier decision that sharply rebuked the territory’s free entry mineral staking regime. This means the earlier decision of the Yukon Court...

Taseko Claims “Misinformation Campaign” in Desperate Last Ditch Effort

In the final days of the federal environmental assessment hearings for the hotly contested “New Prosperity” gold-copper mine project, proponent Taseko Mines attempted to discredit the overwhelming opposition to the project by Tŝilhqot’in and Secwepemc people and by many non-First Nation people from...
Rosia Montana
Rosia Montana Valley. Photo: BAS Photography on Pbase.

Of Vampires and a Zombie Mine in Transylvania

By Payal Sampat, International Campaigns Director for EARTHWORKS and originally posted on their EARTHblog. Transylvania, Romania, is known for its fictional vampires – this is the region where Bram Stoker set his classic vampire novel, Dracula, in 1897. Over a century later, the region is...

Submissions to the Federal Review Panel for Taseko's New Prosperity Gold Copper Project

On this page you'll find submissions from MiningWatch Canada to the New Prospeirty review panel, including our expert technical report on the net economic benefits of the project by Dr. Marvin Shaffer. This page also includes a few key submissions from other reviewers that relate to the comments...

New Prosperity Project Federal Review Panel – Closing Comments of MiningWatch Canada

This statement was given by Ramsey Hart at the last day of hearings for Taseko Mines'  New Prosperity Gold-Copper Project. It addresses three issues that MiningWatch commented on during the review process: the flaws in proposed mitigation measures, the importance of obtaining consent of affected...

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Responds to Allegations Regarding Porgera "Remedy" Framework

In response to appeals from MiningWatch and many other groups, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has issued an opinion regarding the framework of remediation initiatives developed by Barrick Gold Corporation for women who have been victims of sexual violence by...

Ring of Fire
Ring of Fire

Cliffs Should Stop Pointing Fingers, Check Its Corporate Ego Before Resuming Work on Ring of Fire

On Wednesday, US mining company Cliffs Natural Resources announced that it was ceasing work on the environmental assessment process for its high profile chromite project in the area of northern Ontario dubbed the “Ring of Fire”.

Protestors outside Barrick Gold’s 2013 Annual General Meeting
Protestors outside Barrick Gold’s 2013 Annual General Meeting

Global Condemnation of Barrick’s Effort to Secure Legal Immunity from Rape Victims

For many years Papua New Guineans, with the support of MiningWatch Canada and other international organizations, have demanded that Barrick Gold acknowledge a long-standing pattern of vicious beatings, rapes and gang rapes of local indigenous women by security...

Canadian Ambassadors, or Ambassadors for Canadian Mining Companies?

From Mexico to Greece, we have been observing and documenting how Canadian Embassies go to bat to defend the interests of Canadian mining companies against the demands of communities and despite egregious human rights abuses.

In May, we released a...

Algonquin Communities Push for Joint Review for Matamec’s Rare Earths Project Under New Federal Environmental Assessment Rules

For the past two years MiningWatch Canada has been collaborating with Wolf Lake and Eagle Village Algonquin First Nations as they grapple with a proposed rare earths mine. Matamec Explorations Inc. is proposing the construction of a 4,200...