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Luis & Adolfo Garcia
On November 24, 2014, Donald Paul Gray, vice president of Tahoe Resources Inc., submitted an affadavit to the British Columbia Superior Court that sheds light on the powerful interests at play since 2011 in connection with private security companies contracted for the Escobal mining project in San Rafael Las Flores, Santa Rosa. His affidavit points to the relationship between private security companies and military and intelligence services that carry out large military projects in Afghanistan and Iraq, and with mining and construction operations in Guatemala. Article by Guatemalan journalist Luis Solano.
San Martin mine
A short summary of two constitutional challenges submitted to Honduras' Constitutional Court against the General Mining Law passed in January 2013 with technical assistance paid for with Canadian overseas development aid.
The CBC's Karen Pauls covered our report documenting the involvement and responsibility of the Canadian Embassy in Mexico in the violation of community and human rights in Durango. Her online story noted, "MiningWatch report says Canadian diplomats were complicit in repression of peaceful protest." The CBC also provided related links: The Accountability Gap: Canadian Mining Companies in Mexico Original ATIP documents MiningWatch Canada/Steelworkers report Mexican landowners win ruling over Excellon Excellon Resources Inc. And a quite detailed article on the issue:...
It takes a lot of hot air to keep the balloon afloat
Wow. We asked ourselves how the Fraser Institute could bring back its annual global mining survey after Press Progress’ devastating exposé " Now ordinary Canadians can skew Fraser Institute's data from home ”. Apparently the answer is simple -- pretend that nothing is wrong with the methodology (or that there actually is a methodology), just as they always have. Really, it’s nothing more than a content-free exercise in leveraging industry pressure for deregulation and government support. It clearly has little to do with actual mining investment or activity if companies keep investing in...
Inclusive, Sustainable and Resilient Development: The Role of the African Mining Vision and Its Implementation Presentation by Jamie Kneen to the Alternative Mining Indaba, Cape Town, February 10, 2015 I’d like to start by congratulating the organisers on a successful event and thanking them for the opportunity to speak. I wish I could be there with you, but instead I am stuck with -20 degree temperatures and crisp snow and will just have to do my best to enjoy the skiing, tobogganing, and ice-skating. To begin to address the question of large-scale mining and development, much less ‘...
World Bank protest
Last week, the Honduran National Coalition of Environmental Networks and Organizations (CONROA by its initials in Spanish) protested a World Bank-sponsored “Conference on Sustainable Development of Natural Resources” in Tegucigalpa. They demanded support for farming not mining, and for community consultation to be binding on Honduran government decisions over any and all mining activities.
Ayotzinapa somos todos
Prime Minister Harper’s decision to indefinitely postpone the North American Leaders’ Summit – better known as the annual ‘Three Amigos’ meeting – likely has a lot to do with his own electoral calculus. But it also does Mexican President Peña Nieto a huge favour and avoids uncomfortable questions about how Canadian economic interests fit in.
Support demonstration for Wilderness Committee
(Guest blog by Dawn Hoogeveen) A crowd gathered in front of B.C.’s law court in Vancouver on Monday morning in support of the Wilderness Committee. It was the first day of a lawsuit instigated by Taseko Mines Limited, which is suing the environmental organization for defamation. Recent attention has been turned to the use of lawsuits to harass activists – dubbed “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation” (SLAPPs) with the “frivolous legal battle” launched against Burnaby residents opposing the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion. During Burnaby Mountain protests, the activists...
Jose Tendetza e hijos
José Tendetza should have been in Lima , Peru last week at the climate change talks as one of the powerful Indigenous voices speaking about the destruction that the mining and energy agenda of countries like Canada is bringing upon his and many other communities in the Global South. José Tendetza was a Shuar Indigenous community leader from Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador who refused to give up his land for the illegal gold and copper Mirador project currently under construction. Now in the hands of the Chinese consortium, CRCC-Tongguan, this project belonged to the Vancouver-based junior mining...