Lung cancer in mining
Lung cancer in mining

Each New Lung Cancer Case Costs Governments $790,000 A Year – Not To Mention Lives

Diesel fumes, silica dust and radon gas—to name three examples of well-known air pollutants in mines— continue to affect thousands of miners across Canada and the world. Too little attention is paid to the health costs and impacts of this reality.  

BC First Nation Stand United

BC First Nations Stand United and Declare Pípsell a “Cultural Heritage Site” To Be Protected from Mining

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BC First Nations say ‘NO’ to KHGM’s Ajax open pit mine near Kamloops and propose instead the creation of a Cultural Heritage Site to foster reconciliation for the benefits of all Canadians.

Mining pollutes and mining kills
"Mining pollutes and mining kills." Credit: Genia Yatzenko

El Salvador – When the Seeds of Resistance Bloom

Ontario’s Ring of Fire Development Plan Has Major Flaws

"Just as we can’t plan a neighbourhood one road — or house — at a time, we cannot plan for sustainable economies, healthy ecosystems, and First Nations interests one project at a time." Cheryl Chetkiewicz and Justina Ray,

Mine your electric car?

Our new blog about the positive and less positive impacts associated with the expansion of the electric car (in French only for now).


Dozens of Labrador Mineworkers Show Signs of Lung Disease: Report

This is shocking and sad news for those workers. What will the authorities do about this? We are trying to get our hands on this report.

Statements and Questions from Everlyn Guape and Joycelyn Mandi at Barrick Gold’s 2017 Annual Meeting

Statement and Questions by Everlyn Guape, Porgera, Papua New Guinea

My name is Everlyn Gaupe. I am speaking on a proxy from Rachel Small.

Directors and shareholders, I live in the shadow of Barrick’s Porgera Joint Venture mine in Papua New Guinea.

In Mining-Affected Communities, Water Is Becoming More Precious Than Gold

Latin America is slowly winning the fight against the corporate assault of transnational Canadian mining companies

El Salvador made history in March, 2017, when it became the first country to ban metal mining outright.

PNG women
Papua New Guinea women protest Barrick Gold "remedy" process

Indigenous Women Speak Out About Mining's Impacts on Women – Ottawa Event

Public event

When: 6 p.m., Thursday, April 27, 2017

Where: University of Ottawa, Desmarais Building DMS 1110, 55 Laurier Ave East, Ottawa, Ontario


MiningWatch Canada’s Annual Seminar – All Are Welcome

MiningWatch Annual Seminar – April 27, 2017

This year we have two topics, with special guests to present and discuss them with us. All are invited.

1. Challenging Barrick Gold on Human Rights Abuses and Environmental Destruction - with Indigenous Ipili women Everlyn Gaupe and Joycelyn Mandi

2. Making Next-Generation Environmental Assessment a Reality - with Anna Johnston, staff lawyer with West Coast Environmental Law

At 1:00-3:30 p.m., Thursday, April 27, 2017, J.K. Wyllie Boardroom, Public Service Alliance of Canada, 233 Gilmour Street, Ottawa

Cáceres Petition Presentation - April 4, 2017

Berta Cáceres Petition Presentation – Ottawa

People around the world marked the one-year anniversary of the assassination of environmental leader Berta Cáceres. In Ottawa, Canada, a group presented a petition to the Honduran embassy, and had a message for the Canadian government.