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MiningWatch Canada Annual Meeting

Jamie Kneen

National Program Co-Lead

On March 21, MiningWatch Canada held its Annual Meeting in Ottawa, followed by a two-day Board meeting.

Our directors for 2003-4 are: Evelyn Baxter Robinson, Laura Calmwind, Will David, Sarah Johnnie, Brennain Lloyd, Ken Luckhardt, Ron Maurice, François Meloche, John McInnis, Lorraine Michael, Sue Moodie, Richard Nuna, Kevin O’Reilly, and Jean Symes.

Thanks were expressed to retiring Board members Serge Ashini-Goupil, Yasmin Jiwani and Alan Young. Alan has been our Co-chair from the very beginning and has worked extremely hard to get MiningWatch Canada up and running. He was presented with a cherry-wood canoe paddle and roundly applauded. He will keep his connection with us as MiningWatch Canada advisor.

Brennain Lloyd also stepped down as Co-chair, but will remain on the Board. Gratitude for her energy and skill were expressed by the members.

The new executive committee consists of Co-chairs Kevin O’Reilly and Lorraine Michael, Treasurer Jean Symes and Secretary Will David. Biographies of all Board members are on our web site.

We used the occasion of the Annual Meeting to evaluate our progress with colleagues who have worked closely with us since our beginnings, and to discuss threats and opportunities for our work in the coming years.

It was generally agreed that the presence of MiningWatch Canada had changed the nature of the debate about mining in Canada, and has been able to present a substantial challenge to the industry.

Participants said that we create a place for an on-going conversation with other mining activists, and bring new resources to the work. The network of diverse people and organizations enables people to act locally in an intelligent way. We bring a mixture of research, science, law and activism that is credible and unique. We are an indispensable resource to the other coalitions in which we work.