Equinox Gold: Racist and Discriminatory Company, outside Los Filos, Mexico (Source: Amapola)

Why Can’t Equinox Gold Keep an Agreement? Community Shuts Down Los Filos Mine Twice in Two Weeks

Guest Blog: Jennifer Moore, IPS- Global Economy Project 

On Sunday September 13, the Ejido of Carrizalillo shut down the Los Filos gold mine in Guerrero, México for the second time in two weeks. This came after the company again refused to honour its commitment, which would have...

Overhead view of the Carrizalillo encampment, people are not on the road, but in the trees (Credit: Ejido de Carrizalillo)

Equinox Gold Drives Mexican Farmers to Shut Down Los Filos Mine to Protect Their Dignity and their Health

On September 3, 2020, the families of the Ejido of Carrizalillo in Guerrero, Mexico, shut down operations at Canadian mining company Equinox Gold’s Los Filos mine. Goldcorp began building the mine on Carrizalillo’s collective lands in 2006, which it had purchased illegally, leading to the...

Community members look on Los Filos open pit mine in Guerrero, Mexico; Photo: Christian Leyva

URGENT ACTION: Write to Equinox Gold to Support Community's Closure of Los Filos Mine in Mexico

On September 3, 2020, the Ejido of Carrizalillo (Guerrero, Mexico) revoked its recently-negotiated agreement with Equinox Gold over the company's...

Celebrating a year of resistance to Canadian mining

Ecuador Communities Day of Action Hits Cornerstone Resources’ AGM

On August 25, Cornerstone Resources (TSX:CGN) held its Annual General Meeting for shareholders, online and out of the reach of the communities and organizations most affected by its activities.

In response to this closed-door virtual meeting, communities in Ecuador affected...

Se Hizo Justicia - Putaendo Resiste

Chile: Valparaíso Court Nullifies Illegal Authorization of Vizcachitas Mining Company Drilling Project

In a historic ruling, the Valparaíso Court of Justice has nullified the illegal authorization of the “Prefeasibility Mining Drilling for Las Tejas” project and has ordered the Regional Environmental Assessment Service (SEA in Spanish) to implement a process of citizen participation for the...

Ecuador Organizations Condemn Canadian Mining Lobby on Important Public Consultation Decision

On August 19th, many organizations from Cuenca and the surrounding area of the Kimsakocha páramo in Ecuador released a public statement (translated below) regarding a letter sent by Canadian company INV Metals to the Cantonal Council of the municipality of Cuenca (attached here in...

"Voices from the Ground" report - title graphic

Hudbay Denies COVID-19 Infections at Constancia Mine – Peruvian Organization Responds

On August 4th, Peruvian organization Derechos Humanos Sin Fronteras-Cusco (DHSF) published a note on its web site responding to a statements made by Hudbay Minerals, first to a local newspaper, then during its AGM, and finally in a letter written to the Business and Human Rights...

Asbestos @Chiasson/CP

Quebec Commission of Inquiry Releases Landmark Report on Asbestos

Quebec’s independent Office of Public Hearings on the Environment (Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement) today made public its report on the state and management of asbestos and asbestos mining wastes in Quebec. The three-member Commission was mandated by Quebec’s Minister of the...

Pueblo Shuar Arutam Original Statement

Indigenous Shuar Arutam Government in Ecuador Calls Out Canadian Mining Company’s Sham Consultation Process.

On July 14th, as havoc, panic, and fear caused by COVID-19 continues to sweep through the Ecuadorian Amazon, Canadian company Solaris Resources celebrated its new listing on the Toronto Stock...

Safety First cover
Safety First: Guidelines for Responsible Mine Tailings Management

Safety First – The Peoples’ Tailings Standard To End Mine Waste Disasters

The safest tailings facility is the one that is not built. To avoid the long-term liability of mine waste sites and their social and environmental impacts, we must reduce the volume of tailings produced, as well as the overall demand for primary raw minerals. Over the past 40 years, ore grades...

Image de microscope électronique à transmission couleur d'une section d'un groupe de virus corona. © Science Photo Library/Dr. Gopal Murti

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau on Investor Lawsuits & COVID-19

We wrote to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as part of an international effort by 630 groups from around the world to draw world leaders' attention to the threat of investor lawsuits under the grossly unjust investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions of most international trade and...

Campaign Launch in Paso de Indios (Source: NoALaMinaEsquel)

Canadian Mining Companies Beware: Communities in Chubut, Argentina Launch Second Campaign for Law to Protect Water Against Mining

On June 22, the Union of the Assemblies of the Communities of Chubut, Argentina (UACCH) officially launched its second “Popular Initiative” campaign, #NosDebenUnaLey (“they owe us a law”) to collect signatures from residents of the province to...

Basamuk Bay
Basamuk Bay in August 2019, red with mining waste. Photo credit Nigel Uyam.

Papua New Guinea Landowners' Fears Confirmed: Bismarck Sea At Risk; Canadian Conic Metals Unresponsive

As early as 2010, landowners living along the coast of the Bismarck Sea in Papua New Guinea (PNG) sought and won an injunction to stop mine tailings from the Ramu nickel-cobalt mine from entering Basamuk Bay via a pipe system coming from the processing plant. This type of mine waste disposal...

No Wombat Mining
Protest against mining in Wombat State Forest. Photo credit: Sandy Scheltma.

Canadian Company Threatens Biodiverse Forest in Victoria, Australia with Plans for New Gold Mine

Guest blog by Rebekah Hayden, Rainforest Action Group

Resources company Currawong Resources has been granted a licence in the Wombat State...

Porgera huts

Papua New Guinea Seeks to Amend 1992 Mining Act – Implications for Renewal of Porgera Mine Lease

This month the government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) proposed amendments to the Mining Act of 1992 to give the state a legal basis to “apply for a tenement and develop a mine,” stating that the 1992 Mining Act is “not very clear on State participation.” In particular, the amendment...

Civil Society of Tonga Speaks Out Against Plans to Mine the Deep Sea

On June 8, International World Oceans Day, the Civil Society Forum of Tonga, a south Pacific island nation, published a strong statement in protection of their marine environment and calling for a moratorium on deep sea mining.

The statement emphasizes the “critical role” of the...