In Memoriam: Roch Lanthier

Jamie Kneen

National Program Co-Lead


Roch Lanthier, long-time activist and defender of the environment and people’s health, died January 29 of a heart attack. MiningWatch Canada joins his family and friends in expressing our gratitude for the life of Roch Lanthier and our deep regret at his passing.

We have known Roch as a courageous activist – first in raising the issues of pollutants from the proposed Magnola smelter in Danville, Québec, then as an activist on stopping the aluminium smelter proposed for the pristine Patagonia area of Chile and then in fighting on behalf of the victims of asbestos in Québec and around the world.

His optimism always bore fruit. The Danville Magnola magnesium smelter was stopped and the Patagonia Alumysa Project was abandoned by Noranda.

Roch believed that the victims of asbestos in Québec would also see justice one day, and that the asbestos-contaminated region of Québec would become a “Shambala”. His vision will continue to inspire us all.

His enormous energy, creativity and vitality inspired others to get involved and take up the cause. He was loving and supportive of everyone who worked with him. He was willing, always, to give all of himself into whatever he was doing. He is deeply missed.