MiningWatch Canada Comments on EIS for Kemess North project

Jamie Kneen

National Program Co-Lead

Northgate Minerals' proposed Kemess North mine in northern BC is undergoing a joint federal-provincial environmental assessment process. The company proposes to use Duncan Lake (a six-kilometre long lake known as Amazay or Caribou Lake by the four affected First Nations) as a tailings dump ("Tailings Impoundment Area"). MiningWatch Canada has submitted the following comments on the company's Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to the Joint Panel assessing the project.

Includes an Economic Review by Pacific Analytics Inc. and an Aquatic Impacts Review by David Levy.

Note that the Comments and the Aquatic Impacts Review are corrected versions of the documents originally posted here.

Review of the Aquatic Environmental Impact Assessment for the Kemess North Project Comments of MiningWatch Canada on the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Kemess North Mine Kemess Mine North Expansion: An Economic Review of the Environmental Impact Assessment Erratum for the Economic Review of the Kemess Mine North Expansion