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About Us


MiningWatch Canada works toward a world in which Indigenous peoples can effectively exercise their rights to self-determination, communities must consent before any mining activities may occur, and mineworkers are guaranteed safe and healthy conditions. Affected peoples and communities have the means to protect their human rights, ways of life, livelihoods and environment from the potential or actual effects of mineral exploration and extraction activities, and have effective access to justice and reparations for mining harms.


MiningWatch Canada works in solidarity with Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous communities who are dealing with potential or actual industrial mining operations that affect their lives and territories, or with the legacy of closed mines, as well as with mineworkers and former workers seeking safe working conditions and fair treatment.

MiningWatch Canada explicitly values the experience and knowledge of Indigenous peoples, mining-affected communities, and workers, and bases its work on mutual learning and participatory, deliberative and transformative methodologies.

In collaboration with national and international networks, organizations and other supporters, MiningWatch Canada:

  1. Undertakes research and analysis of industrial mining and related policies and laws, in Canada and concerning Canadian mining operations abroad;

  2. Provides timely information, as well as technical, communications and strategic support, to mining-affected communities and related organizations;

  3. Campaigns on specific conflicts and issues related to mining abuses, while supporting movement-building;

  4. Advocates for greater protections for Indigenous peoples and affected communities, including women and mineworkers, as well as justice and reparations for harms from mining through changes to the policies, laws and economic conditions that perpetuate mining-related abuses and injustice.

Please call or write to us at:
MiningWatch Canada
4 Florence St., Suite 210
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0W7
tel. (613) 569-3439
e-mail: info(at)miningwatch.ca

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