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Urgent Action: Repression Against Residents, Leaders and Civil Authorities of Morona Santiago and Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador

Jamie Kneen

National Program Co-Lead

The situation in Morona Santiago and Zamora Chinchipe, in the south of Ecuador, has grown very serious.

On November 12, a Presidential Order was issued to immediately suspend all mining activity in the area, after massive popular demonstrations against multinational mining companies in the territory.

However, the Canadian-based mining firm Corriente Resources Inc. has continued its operations.

Organisations from nearby communities have attempted to approach the mining encampment to demand compliance with the Presidential Order, but have found the public roads blocked and militarized. There have been several persons injured, and some local leaders have had arrest orders issued against them. At this time we can affirm that the military is carrying out a de facto occupation of the area and has seized all power. The situation is somewhat unclear, however, we are receiving reports of serious repression.

The well-being of residents, leaders and civil authorities of Morona Santiago and Zamora Chinchipe is gravely threatened.

We ask for your solidarity in writing faxes and e-mails to the persons listed below, asking for the immediate enforcement of the Presidential Order of November 12, and that the individual and collective rights of the residents of Morona Santiago and Zamora Chinchipe be respected.

Contact Addresses:

Lic. Antonio Andretta Arizaga
Ministry of Police and Government
Calle Benalcazar y Espejo
Quito - Ecuador
e-mail: [email protected]
fax +593 258-0067

Dr. Claudio Muecay Arcos
National Ombudsperson
Av. de la Prensa N54-97 y Jorge Piedra
Quito - Ecuador
fax +593 2 330-1841
e-mail: [email protected]

Ing. Iván Rodríguez
Ministry of Energy and Mining
Juan Leon Mera y Av. Orellana, Ed. MOP
Quito - Ecuador
e-mail via
Fax: +593 2 290-6350

Sister Elsie Monge
Executive Director
Ecumenical Human Rights Commission
Carlos Ibarra 176 y 10 de Agosto
Quito - Ecuador
Fax +593 2 258-9272
e-mail: [email protected]

Canadian Embassy
Av. 6 de Diciembre 2816 y Paul Rivet
Quito, Ecuador
P.O. Box 17-11-6512
Tel: +593 2 2232-114/2506-162
Fax: +593 2 2503-108
e-mail: [email protected]

Kenneth (Ken) R. Shannon P.Geo
Corriente Resources Inc.
520-800 W. Pender St.
Vancouver, BC V6C 2V6
Phone: (604) 687-0449
Fax: (604) 687-0827
e-mail: [email protected]

Presidential Order Suspending All Mining and Hydroelectric Development in the Province of Morona Santiago