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Comments on Regulations Amending the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations - Canada Gazette Part 1, Vol. 140, No. 14, published April 8, 2006

Jamie Kneen Communications and Outreach Coordinator responsible for: strategic research, social media, and public engagement; our Africa program, environmental assessment, and uranium mining.

Comments prepared by Catherine Coumans as representative for the Canadian Environmental Network (CEN) on the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations Multistakeholder Advisory Group, together with Maggie Paquet (Citizens’ Stewardship Coalition, Port Alberni, BC), Judy Parkman (Recycling Organization Against Rubbish, Richmond, BC) and Randy Fleming (Inter-Church Uranium Committee, Saskatoon, SK). “The current regulations and the proposed regulatory amendments do not adequately protect the environment and the health of Canadians. In particular the late addition of Schedule proving, in these amendments, to be a licence to destroy – unnecessarily – valuable fish, fish habitat and associated watersheds.”