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Kamloops Residents, Town, and Regional Council Seek Review Panel for Ajax Mine

Ramsey Hart

Canada Program Coordinator, 2008-2014

A proposed open pit gold mine that would straddle the city boundary of Kamloops, BC, is raising concern and requests for a joint review panel environmental assessment from a citizens group (the Kamloops Area Preservation Association), Kamloops City Council, and the Thompson Nicola Regional District Council.

The close proximity of the project and potential effects from dust (If you’ve been there you’ll know that Kamloops can be a dry and windy place!) is one of the primary concerns. Other potential impacts include: contamination of groundwater, destruction of habitat for species at risk such as sharp-tailed grouse and burrowing owl, loss of prime grassland habitat, and loss of recreational opportunities including the very popular Jacko Lake – known as a fantastic local trout fishing spot.

No response to the requests for a review panel have been received but the recently re-elected mayor has promised to take it up with Environment Minister Peter Kent personally in a meeting planned for early December.