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Goldcorp shareholder resolution asks for suspension of Marlin mine in Guatemala

Jen Moore

Latin America Program Coordinator / Coordinadora del programa para América Latina, 2010-2018.


WHEREAS the international community has expressed its concern with the Marlin mine to the Government of Guatemala, including:

  • the 2010 recommendation of the Committee of Experts of the International Labour Organization (a body associated with the United Nations) that urged the Government of Guatemala to suspend mining operations at the Marlin mine
  • Precautionary Measures 260-07 issued by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (a body of the Organization of American States) that the Government of Guatemala suspend mining at the Marlin I project and implement effective measures to prevent environmental contamination, ensure access to a safe water supply and address related health and security issues

WHEREAS Goldcorp has committed in its own Human Rights Policy to “respect human rights” consistent with the United Nations Framework on Business and Human Rights, recognizing that corporations have the responsibility to respect human rights

WHEREAS two audits, citing human rights violations and entrenched local opposition, have called for suspension of land acquisition and expansion of operations, including:

  • the May 2006 report of the World Bank’s Compliance Advisor Ombudsman that advised the mine to carefully assess the risks of continuing with mining activities and to declare a temporary voluntary suspension of activities in Sipakapa
  • Goldcorp’s own May 2010 Human Rights Assessment that called for a halt to “all land acquisition, exploration activities, mine expansion projects, or conversion of exploration to exploitation licenses, pending effective State involvement in consultation with local communities”

WHEREAS Goldcorp has not stopped land acquisition around the Marlin mine,

WHEREAS a failure to respect human rights at the Marlin mine has resulted in negative publicity both in Canada and abroad, including:

  • an investigative report from the BBC criticizing Goldcorp for violating the human rights of indigenous people and an article in The Guardian questioning Goldcorp for “poisoning people and livestock”
  • a one-hour W5 investigative report by CTV, called “Paradise Lost”, that showed community opposition to the Marlin mine and challenged Goldcorp’s land acquisition practices
  • fifteen articles since 2010 in Reuters, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, and New York Times linking Goldcorp with alleged ongoing human rights violations
  • more than a dozen articles in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and National Post raising concerns about Goldcorp’s respect for human rights in countries of operation

WHEREAS the cumulative effect of ignoring the recommendations of internal audits and international institutions damages the credibility and business reputation of Goldcorp


  • Pursuant to Goldcorp’s own Human Rights Assessment, the company halt all land acquisitions, exploration activities, mine expansion projects, or conversion of exploration to exploitation licenses, until it complies with international law;
  • the Board of Directors require that Goldcorp’s Human Rights Assessment be made easily available on Goldcorp’s main web site;
  • the Board of Directors announce its commitment to voluntarily implement recommendations of international human rights bodies;
  • the company suspend operations at the Marlin mine in accordance with the recommendations of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.