Beyond Extraction - Resources

In March 2013 MiningWatch and Studies in Political Economy co-hosted the Beyond Extraction Conference in Ottawa. Below is a collection of selected resources related to the themes of the conference.


Blue Green Canada

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Communications Energy and Paperworkers of Canada

Defenders of the Land

Degrowth Canada

Makita (Nunavut)

National Farmers Union



A Plan for Prosperity, Travis Fast for the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour, 2011

Canada's Resource Curse, Daniel Drache, York University, 2009

Canada vs. Norway: The Petro Path Not Taken, Bruce Campbell, 2013

The Bitumen Cliff: Lessons and Challenges of Bitumen Mega-Developments for Canada's Economy in an Age of Climate Change, Tony Clarke, Jim Stanford, Diana Gibson, Brendan Haley, 2013

RESIST, RECLAIM, RESTRUCTURE: Unions and the Struggle for Energy Democracy, Cornell University's Global Labour Institute, 2012

Some Other Stuff

Video of street activism re. oil company subsidies

Video of Indigenous Tar Sands Campaigners Clayton Thomas-Muller and Heather Lightening at Idle No More rally in Ottawa on January 28 2013.

Benefits and Costs of Mining - Presentation by economist T.M. Powers

Canada's Mining Boom - Presentation by United Steel Workers economist Erin Weir

Progressive Economics Forum

Who will protect the land from reckless development? Essay by Ian Gill published in the Toronto Star

Erin Weir USW - Political Economy of Canada's Mining Boom Thomas Michael Power: A More Holistic Economic Evaluation of Mining: Considering Benefits and Costs Daniel Drache: Canada’s Resource Curse: Too Much of a Good Thing