For Peoples and Planet - 20th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign

About Us

MiningWatch 20 yearsFor 20 years, MiningWatch has been exposing and opposing the devastating impacts of mining on communities and the environment, in Canada and by Canadian mining internationally. In collaboration with our global partners, we have been taking on one of the most powerful industries in the world. And despite all the challenges, we have been giving people and the environment a fighting chance in their struggle to protect their lands and water, economy, culture, and future generations.

With your ongoing support since 1999, we have always been at the forefront of change. From day one, we have pushed Canadian mining corporations and the Canadian government to prevent and curtail human rights and environmental abuses. We have pushed governments to properly regulate mining activity, and to implement mandatory accountability standards – not voluntary guidelines – for Canadian mining companies internationally. And we have worked with communities globally for greater protections as well as justice and reparations for harms from mining.

But the demand for minerals and metals continues to grow. Within the past few years, investments in the renewable energy sector have surged. Unless more is done to minimize demand for both energy and materials, the continued boom in renewable energy technologies will expand the extraction and production of minerals to build them, and the associated environmental and human costs are likely to rise steeply. We need to ensure that the green energy transition really is green. It must be a ‘just transition,’ managed responsibly and sustainably, putting communities, workers, and the environment before profit.

Please help MiningWatch get a strong start on our next 20 years. The challenge before us is great and we need to "change the channel," to build on grassroots leadership and start putting real solutions in place.

Holiday Special

To help you get your friends and family involved, we are providing handy gift cards that you can use to let your loved ones know that you have given a donation to MiningWatch in their names (or, of course, to the Canary Institute for the non-political work that it sponsors MiningWatch to do, and get a charitable receipt). There are two versions: one suitable for printing, where you can enter the amount and add a handwritten message, and another suitable for e-mailing or social media.

All the best to you and yours from all of us here at MiningWatch!

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