Global Day of Action Against Inco

On October 7th, 2003, a global Day of Action was held against the nickel mining giant Inco. Communities affected by Inco, human rights activists, students, "Raging Grannies," and non-governmental organizations in seven Canadian cities and various locations in nine countries participated in the Day of Action.

In Canada there were actions in Port Colborne, Sudbury and Toronto, Ontario; Thompson, Manitoba; St. John's, Newfoundland; Halifax, Nova Scotia; and Prince Edward Island. Abroad, activities were held in Indonesia, New Caledonia (Goro), Guatemala, New York, London, England, Australia, Japan and Wales.

Everywhere communities demanded that Inco take responsibility for the environmental and health impacts of its mining operations, and deal fairly with indigenous peoples and local communities.

MiningWatch Canada contributed to the general planning for the Day of Action and worked with our Kanak partners in New Caledonia. So far, 29 clips of media coverage have been recorded globally for the Day of Action. It is significant that when Inco top man Scott Hand was confronted with protestors in New York City, he countered their message by telling the media that Inco must be an ethical company because it is included in the ethical funds FTSE4Good and Storebrand.

More information on the day of action and Inco itself can be found on the web sites of Indonesian NGO JATAM at and Environmental Defence Canada at