New Web Site to Raise Awareness About Inco’s Health Impacts in Port Colborne

Environmental Defence Canada’s new IncoWatch web site is an important tool for raising awareness about Inco Limited and how it is affecting the environment and human health of Canadians, focusing on Port Colborne, Ontario.

Inco is one of Canada’s largest producers of air pollution. Between 1997 and 2003, Inco has pumped over 16 million kilograms of pollution into the air Canadians breathe. In Port Colborne, where Inco operated a nickel refinery from 1918 to 1984, the backyards, schoolyards, woodlots and playgrounds of the city’s East Side are heavily contaminated. Worldwide, Inco operates in 11 countries and its facility in Indonesia produces more than half of the country’s total carbon dioxide emissions.

A clean-up order issued by the Ontario Ministry of Environment has recently been confirmed requiring Inco to clean up 25 contaminated properties in Port Colborne.

A “Day of Protest” is scheduled in October with people around the world protesting Inco’s environmental practices.

For more information about please contact Elizabeth Chiu, Communications Officer, Environmental Defence Canada at [email protected] or phone (416) 323-9521.