Ontario Mining Action Network Comments on Proposed New Ontario Mineral Development Strategy

The Ontario Mining Action Network today submitted comments from its members – including MiningWatch Canada – on the proposed new Ontario Mineral Development Strategy. The provincial plan is available at http://www.mndm.gov.on.ca/sites/default/files/2006_mineral_development_strategy_english_-_2014_oada_compliant_version.pdf.

The Ontario Mining Action Network (OMAN) is a network of Aboriginal, environmental and community-based organizations that promotes responsible mining practices through mutual support founded on common interests taking into account the social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts of mining in Ontario. We have twenty member organizations across the province. The co-ordination of the network is housed with MiningWatch Canada in Ottawa.

Summary of recommendations in this submission:

  • The need for ecological accounting
  • Taxation: Re-evaluate the impacts of focused flow through shares
  • Amend the Ontario Securities Act and change the rules of the Ontario Securities Commission (NI 43-101 and NI 51-102) to provide for protection of human rights and the environment
  • Increase Ministry staff for monitoring and enforcement to at least 1995 levels
  • Return the Certification of Closure Plans under the Mining Act to 1995 levels
  • End the granting of Exit Tickets
  • End the practice of mixing zones to deal with mine Effluent
  • Establish a levy on operating mines to pay for the cost of abandoned mines
  • Benchmark the remediation of the 260 worst sites to be reclaimed by 2015.
  • Free Prior Informed Consent for First Nations prior to the onset of mining activities
  • The right of Surface Rights holders to veto mining activity on their land
  • First Nations control of resource revenue sharing, land use planning and IBAs
  • Ensure that land-use planning, including the protection of ecological and culturally significant areas, takes place before mining is permitted
  • The purpose and zoning of protected areas are respected where ecological integrity is the primary mandate and where mining, forestry and hydro are not permitted
  • Take the time to do things right
  • Mining for Closure
  • Ending mining dependency: stimulating development that is not related to mining
  • Looking after worker and community health and safety