Arrest Warrant Against Ecuadorian Environmentalist Revoked

On November 16, 2006, the 10th Penal Judge of Pinchincha, Dr. Luis G. Mora A., revoked the arrest warrant issued against Carlos Zorrilla. Zorrilla had been in hiding since the highly irregular October 17 police raid on his home. He is now free to come and go, but the trumped-up charges against him still stand and the attacks against DECOIN and the communities of the Intag region continue, both in the media and on the ground. Please continue to write to the Ecuadorian and Canadian authorities to ask them to ensure that Carlos receives a fair trial, that the irregularities in the charges against him and the raid on his house be fully investigated, and that Ascendant Copper be forced to respect Ecuadorian law – and common decency – and desist from pressuring DECOIN and the Intag communities. Please see our October 22, 2006 Urgent Action for details.