Amended Metal Mining Effluent Regulations Published - Two Lakes in Newfoundland to be Destroyed by Mine Waste

The amended Metal Mining Effluent Regulations (MMERs) have been published in the Canada Gazette Part One, and the public comment period has closed. They will become final when published in the Canada Gazette Part Two.

One of the amendments to the MMERs adds two lakes in Newfoundland to Schedule 2, which redefines them as mine waste dumps (for environmentally toxic tailings). Both lakes currently provide habitat for trout and Atlantic salmon as well as otter and other species.

In response to the proposed amendments, the government received 47 submissions from individual Canadians, 11 from non-governmental organizations, and 4 from aboriginal organizations. All of these submissions protest the planned destruction of two lakes in Newfoundland by mine waste through their inclusion on Schedule 2.

Three independent fisheries and aquatic habitat experts also provided scathing critiques of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans assessments of these natural water bodies and of Environment Canada’s decision to include these lakes on Schedule 2.

Read MiningWatch’s submission to the government in response to the Gazetted regulations on our website.

Mining Projects Expected to Request Listing of Tailings Impoundment Areas (TIAs) on Schedule 2 of the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations

  Project/Mine Name Proposed or Existing TIA Location Province/Territory
1. Kemess North Project Proposed British Columbia
2. Red Chris Proposed British Columbia
3. High Lake Proposed Nunavut
4. Doris North Proposed Nunavut
5. Meadowbank Gold Proposed Saskatchewan
6. Goldfields Proposed Northwest Territories
7. Yellowknife Gold Proposed Northwest Territories
8. NICO Property Proposed Northwest Territories
9. Damoti Lake Proposed Northwest Territories
10. Wabush Mines Existing (mine has a transitional authorization) Newfoundland and Labrador
11. Duck Pond Proposed Newfoundland and Labrador
12. Iron Ore Company Existing (mine has a transitional authorization) Newfoundland and Labrador
13. Mount Wright Existing Newfoundland and Labrador

- source: Environment Canada