Opposition Surges to Romanian Gold Project Propaganda

Alburnus Maior – MiningWatch Canada – EARTHWORKS – Friends of the Earth – Greenpeace in Romania

Eighty organizations across Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Moldova, Canada, and the United States released a statement today highlighting the local, national, and international opposition to the Rosia Montana cyanide open pit gold mine project in Romania, refuting accusations of "exaggerations and misleading claims" in a recent film entitled Mine Your Own Business. The film was financed by Gabriel Resources, the Toronto-based mining company that wants to build the Rosia Montana mine.

Contrary to the film's portrayal, local opposition to the project is strong and organized. The statement urges the public to read a message sent by Eugen David, president of Alburnus Maior, a local association based in Rosia Montana which represents families that oppose the mine and refuse to sell their lands to Gabriel Resources. Eugen David was not interviewed by the makers of Mine of Your Own Business despite them being well aware of the association's existence.

If constructed, Rosia Montana would be Europe's largest gold mine and would transform the Rosia Montana valley into four open-pit mines, and the neighboring Corna valley into a tailings dam to hold the mine's toxic waste. Both valleys are densely inhabited, and the project would require 2,000 people to move out of their homes and also lead to the destruction of churches, cemeteries, farm lands, and unique cultural and archaeological treasures in the area.

"Mine Your Own Business doesn't talk about any of this but instead is a propaganda film paid for by Gabriel Resources, which wants to make a lot of money from all this destruction," wrote Eugen David in his message from Rosia Montana. "If anything, this film is reminiscent of times that are long over and does not portray the situation as it is at Rosia Montana."

For more information:

Radhika Sarin, EARTHWORKS, +1-212-729-4923 (US)
Joan Kuyek, MiningWatch Canada, +1-613-569-3439 (Canada)
Stephanie Roth, Alburnus Maior, +40-364-119862, mobile +40-740-342104 (Romania)
Anamaria Bogdan, Greenpeace in Romania, +40-721-632396 (Romania)

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