MiningWatch to Examine Quebec Uranium Project

MiningWatch has applied to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency for funds to participate in the review of the environmental assessment of Quebec’s most advanced uranium project. The Matoush Project is located in north-central Quebec near Mistissini, 550 km north of Montreal and within the area covered by the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement between the Quebec Cree and the federal and provincial governments.

Strateco Resources Inc. is proposing to construct an exploration ramp to further examine a uranium ore body. Though the current proposal is not for full-scale mining, the environmental assessment guidelines do require the examination of the potential impacts of a mine being developed.

In order to assist with the review of the environmental assessment documents MiningWatch has proposed to sub-contract two highly knowledgeable and experienced individuals: Dr. Gordon Edwards, co-founder of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility and Lorraine Rekmans of the Serpent River First Nation, author of This is My Homeland, which documents the impacts of uranium mining on her community.