Tsilhqot’in Statement of Commitment to Protect the Land that Sustains Us and Our Future Generations


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Williams Lake, BC: November 2, 2011: Today marks the anniversary of the Federal Government’s decision rejecting the Prosperity Mine proposal and protecting the environment, waters, fish and fish habitat, grizzly and grizzly habitat and our constitutionally protected rights as First Peoples in our homelands. Once again, we thank the Minister of Environment Jim Prentice and the Federal Government for protecting the public interest and for upholding the rights of First Nations under the Canadian Constitution.

Unfortunately, this dire threat to our people, our lands and our way of life as Tsilhqot’in people continues to this day. The proponent has already submitted a proposal for “New” Prosperity, a mine alternative that it has described in the past as even more environmentally damaging. At the same time, British Columbia recently issued approvals that authorize the proponent to extensively drill, build roads and clear trees throughout this area of such critical importance to our people.

The Tsilhqot’in Nation considers the approvals issued by British Columbia unlawful because of the Province’s failure to meaningfully consult or accommodate our Nation or to justify the impacts on our proven Aboriginal rights to hunt and trap throughout those lands. We remain confident that the Federal Government will continue to do the right thing and once again reject this clearly unacceptable mine proposal.

On this, the anniversary of our successful defence of the lands and waters that sustain our people and our culture, the Tsilhqot’in Nation stands united in its sacred commitment to our ancestors and to our future generations – we will honour and we will protect the lands that give us life.


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