EAO Rejects Raven Coal Mine Application

The British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office has decided not to accept the Raven Coal Mine Application for detailed review. In a May 16th letter to John Tapics, CEO of Compliance Energy Corporation, the EAO refers to “the major information requirements” the EAO considers not to have been adequately addressed in Compliance’s  submission.

The EAO has listed the missing required information in its screening comments within a 114 page summary document and should Compliance wish to resubmit its Application, they must incorporate the information that’s being requested in that Application.

“A review of the screening comments seems to indicate significant gaps in the Application, some of it having to do with public, First Nations, and stakeholder consultation; hydrology issues; and marine baseline studies,” said CoalWatch president John Snyder. “Given the widespread concerns about our  vulnerable aquifers and the Baynes Sound shellfish industry, it’s remarkable the Application contained information gaps on these important issues.”

“There’s no doubt that public scrutiny and the concerns voiced by local governments, First Nations, and stakeholders like the BC Shellfish Growers Association, played a role in this decision by the EAO,” added Snyder. “While Compliance could decide to resubmit another Application, this rejection by the EAO adds to an already significant  headwind Compliance is facing in getting their project approved.”

CoalWatch plans to continue doing research and raising concerns about the massive coal mine proposal near Fanny Bay on Vancouver Island, and will be closely monitoring the environmental review process for future developments. “All of us live in the communities that will be impacted by the mine, and if Compliance plans on resubmitting another Application, we’ll be there to meet it head on,” said Snyder.

For more information contact John Snyder, (250) 335-2246.