Secwepemc First Nation Evicts Imperial Metals

Neskonlith First Nation

Neskonlith Secwepemc First Nation has issued an eviction notice to Imperial Metals - the company responsible for spilling 14.5 billion litres of solid and liquid wastes into the Quesnel Lake watershed on August 4, 2014. The spill was a result of a breach in the tailings impoundment at the Mount Polley mine.

Imperial Metals is advancing the Ruddock Creek project, which, like the Mount Polley mine is within the Secwepemc Nation's unceded territory. The project is within an area actively used by the Neskonlith and in the headwaters of another important salmon watershed -- the Adams River.

The Neskonlith Band issued the attached documents related to the Mount Polley spill and Imperial Metal's presence in their territory:

The eviction is the most recent action by Neskonlith to protect the Adams River watershed from mining.  Earlier steps included a site visit and water sampling, a declaration by Neskonlith members highlighting their opposition, and submission of comments to the federal environmental review process.