Groups Call for Public Inquiry on Investissement Quebec’s Arnaud Mine Fiasco

Coalition Québec meilleure mine - MiningWatch Canada

(Québec, October 16, 2015) In response to recent Investissement Quebec declarations regarding the withdrawal of Yara International from the Arnaud mining project in Sept-Iles, a Quebec coalition of environmental, community, and labour groups is calling for an end to the project and for an independent public inquiry on the social, environmental, and economic fiasco this project represents.

“The Quebec government must admit its mistakes, put an end to this project, and apologise to the population of Sept-Iles and to Quebecers for misspending public funds and creating false hopes. We are also calling for a public inquiry to shed light onto how this disastrous situation came about,” says Ugo Lapointe of MiningWatch, and co-spokesperson for the coalition Quebec Meilleure Mine.

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