Strateco’s Lawsuit: Quebec Must Stand Up To Uranium & Nuclear Lobbies

Coalition Quebec Meillure Mine – MiningWatch Canada

The Quebec Meilleure Mine coalition is concerned with the recent 3 million dollar loan from Third Eye Capital to the uranium promotion company Strateco to finance its 190 million dollar lawsuit against the Quebec government. Strateco, a junior company on the verge of bankruptcy, is suing the Quebec government for not licensing its controversial Matoush uranium advanced exploration project in James Bay, Quebec. The Coalition urges Quebec to resist the uranium lobby and, like several other jurisdictions in Canada and internationally, to maintain the existing de facto moratorium in the province.

In July 2015, the BAPE Review Panel released the report from its year-long investigation, which recommended to not allow uranium mining due to too many residual risks related to the current state of science & technology in mitigating long term health & environmental impacts from uranium mines. Perpetual care of, and the liability associated with, large quantities of radioactive mining wastes was a major concern highlighted in the BAPE report. The Quebec government has yet to announce how it will respond to the BAPE recommendations, but recognizes there are currently no social acceptability (or social licence) for this industry in Quebec. In the meantime, a non-legislated, administrative moratorium is in place and no new mining licences are being issued.

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