Park & Waters at Threat from Quebec Open Pit Graphite Mine for Electric Batteries

Translated and modified from Association pour la protection du lac Taureau

(Montreal, Quebec) Cottagers, residents and friends of the Association pour la Protection du Lac Taureau (APLT) oppose Nouveau Monde Graphite's open pit mine proposal located in one of the most famous tourist areas in Quebec, Canada, adjacent to both Mont Tremblant National Park and Lac Taureau Regional Park.

The Association published new analyses this week highlighting water pollution risks associated with the mine, mostly due to predicted mine effluent and the millions of tons of mining wastes that would be left behind—some of which would be acidic.

The Association also points to multiple contradictions and discrepancies between what the proponent says publicly, and what its technical and financial reports actually say, casting serious doubts about the integrity and competency of the company’s directors.

The Association’s analyses also include interesting observations about the graphite market, which is tightening worldwide, and falling demand, largely due to new trend towards solid state batteries (without graphite anodes) which most car and electronic manufacturers are now planning to use in the near future.

 See full press releases and analyses in French here:

- April 9 news release

- April 9 full report and analyses

- April 13 news release

For more information:

  • Daniel Tokatéloff, secrétaire, Association de protection du Lac Taureau (APLT), tél. 514-973-5187
  • Gilles Cartier, président, Association de protection du Lac Taureau (APLT), tél. 514-212-2112
  • See Bulletin Spécial No.31 on the APLT's web site.
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