Solwara 1 Project Is a Dangerous and Bad Investment

Alliance of Solwara Warriors

We the maritime communities from the Bismarck and Solomon Seas have been resisting Nautilus Minerals experimental projects since 2008.

Our seas are recognized and protected by our cultural and custom knowledge and as custodians and gatekeepers of this heritage, we recognize that Solwara 1 Project is a dangerous and bad investment.

On the 04th of May it was announced in the Financial Times that Anglo-American, a multi-billion dollar investor, will divest from experimental seabed mining company Nautilus Minerals Ltd.

The Alliance of Solwara Warriors is calling on the PNG Government to take heed of Anglo-American’s action as a professional example and withdraw its 15per cent share while there is still some value (K0.51 May 10th 2018).

This is a clear indication of loss in investor confidence in the Solwara 1 Project and experimental seabed mining in PNG.

Therefore, we the Alliance of Solwara Warriors call on the Government to revoke the Solwara 1 Project and put a total ban on further seabed mining projects in our customary waters.

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The Alliance of Solwara Warriors is a growing group of communities and supporters from Madang, East New Britain, New Ireland, Manus and Milne Bay Provinces.