First Nation, Citizens Oppose Pancontinental Resources’ Mining Project in Sensitive Watershed Area Near Bancroft, Ontario

MiningWatch Canada & Limerick Area Conservation Coalition

(Toronto) The Chief of Alderville First Nation and over 250 people gathered last night at Pancontinental Resources’ (TSXV: PUC) community information meeting to oppose the McBride mining project in the Limerick and Crowe Valley Watershed areas in Hastings County, Ontario.

“Investors should be warned: the McBride Project is facing strong opposition by First Nation and affected community members and represents a significant risk forward,” says Ugo Lapointe of MiningWatch Canada, who released a new report at the Limerick Township Community Centre.

In a statement made at the meeting, James R. Marsden, Chief of the Alderville First Nation and Grand Chief of the Southeast Regional Grand Council of the Anishinabek Nation, reiterated his Nation’s position sent to Pancontinental Resources in a letter on August 29, 2018: “We are opposed to this exploration project and request that meaningful consultation occurs.”

Over half-a-dozen lake associations representing nearly 1,000 residents and cottagers also voiced their concerns and opposition to the project. Elected officials and candidates to the upcoming municipal elections for the Townships of Limerick, Marmora-Lake, Wollaston, and Tudor-Cashel were also in attendance in the packed house last night.

Community members denounced poor practices and alleged trespassing by the company (see video). They requested that Pancontinental Resources immediately inform its shareholders and potential investors of the strong local opposition. They also asked that the junior TSXV-traded company (TSXV: PUC) to retract and rectify its April 26, 2018 press release in which it states that the project is ‘in a proven historic mining region’ with ‘strong community support.’

Community members are concerned that the proposed low-grade nickel-cobalt-copper mining project, potentially acid generating, would irreparably alter or destroy this sensitive area. The Limerick and Crowe Valley Watershed Conservation areas are home to numerous wetlands, lakes and rivers, and provide essential habitat to many species of fish, mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, including several threatened and endangered species. This area also provides drinking water, as well as recreational and tourism opportunities to thousands of Ontarians each year.

The newly formed Limerick Area Conservation Coalition (LACC) launched a petition urging the Ontario Government and the relevant ministries “to take immediate and joint actions to deny, suspend or revoke any mining permit in this area,” and instead, “work with local and regional authorities to preserve and strengthen… its recreational and tourism economic base.” LACC also launched a new website (, Facebook, and a fundraising page.

For information:

  • Monica Nikopoulos, Limerick Area Conservation Coalition, 905-518-7613
  • Ugo Lapointe, MiningWatch Canada, 514-708-0134