Anonymous Facebook page touts ‘recovery’ at Mount Polley while mine waste still piped into lake

The Narwhal

A mysterious new group claims ‘life is getting back to normal’ at the site of the 2014 Mount Polley tailings pond collapse — one of Canada’s largest-ever environmental disasters — while the growing volume of mine waste in Quesnel Lake and a revealing government inspection report point to continuing concerns on the ground

Sarah Cox, Nov 6, 2019

An anonymous group called “Mount Polley Remediation” is promoting Facebook ads and videos celebrating the clean-up of one of the worst mining disasters in Canadian history, even as contaminated waste from the gold and copper mine owned by Imperial Metals continues to pour into Quesnel Lake. 

“Canada is #1 once again,” proclaims one video ad, as a large Canadian flag flaps in the wind to music with a heavy drumbeat.

“We get it right most of the time and when we don’t — like at Polley Lake — we make it right,” says the ad, which launched on October 30.

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