Leaked report accuses Canada of covering for mining companies in war-torn Ethiopia

The Breach

Canada has refused to condemn war crimes in Tigray, where its “feminist” assistance has created opportunities for Canadian mining companies 


A Canadian government program claiming to introduce feminist principles to Ethiopia’s mining sector has created opportunities for several Canadian mining companies in the country’s war-torn Tigray region, a government-funded agency report obtained by The Breach reveals.

The report indicates that new investments by Canadian mining companies in Tigray have increased as the region has been plunged into a major humanitarian crisis from military attacks by the Ethiopian and Eritrean government, whom the United Nations has accused of deliberately “starving Tigrayans.”

According to the report, written by an independent consultant in June for the Canadian government-funded agency running the mining sector project in Ethiopia, Canada’s support has failed to adhere to its own standards of gender equity, environmental protection, and responsible business practices.

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