Campaigners push corporations to divest in deep sea mining, as major shipping company Maersk pulls investment

ABC News - Pacific

By Prianka Srinivasan, ABC Pacific 

Danish shipping company Maersk has become the latest company to pull its investment from deep sea mining....

Mining Watch Canada has been lobbying companies to end their support of deep sea mining on environmental and human rights grounds.

But its Deep Seabed Mining campaigner Catherine Coumans said it was likely economic concerns that were prompting companies to pull their funding.

"Companies such as BMW and Volkswagen and Volvo have pulled out, or have at least said that they won't source metals from the deep sea," Ms Coumans said.

"I think to some extent that what we're seeing in the pull-outs are really just based on looking at the risks to financial investments."

Ms Coumans believes there is a great financial risk for Pacific countries choosing to open their waters to deep-sea mining companies.


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