Communiqué from the Panama is Worth More without Mining Movement following the May 5, 2024 election results

Panamá Vale Más Sin Minería

Original in Spanish at Radio Temblor, May 6, 2024 | Translated by Common Frontiers

We find ourselves in a moment of national tension which is driving division among the Panamanian population. For various decades, the political whims of partisan interests have atomized and drawn us apart. Nonetheless, we continue our commitment and struggle for human rights, including the right to a healthy environment and a dignified life. Our concern about the destruction of ecosystems and communities in favour of a predatory and exclusionary form of development requires us to defend our institutions, NOT take a step back on environmental matters and the will of the people who have clearly spoken out against extractivism and its the impact on nature.

Beyond the aspirations of groups who have historically sought their own benefits at the expense of current and future human suffering and devastation, we know that we have never been, we are not, and we will not be a mining country.

Together with the Panamanian people, we will continue to demand the timely closure of the Donoso y Omar Torrijos mine, the restoration of the destruction it has caused, and the fulfillment of the Mining Moratorium Law which was won in the streets. We also request that the Supreme Court of Justice prioritize a decision on Law 92, in relation to the mine in Cañazas, Veraguas, and find it to be unconstitutional.

Together with other sectors of the population, we continue to defend what has been won up until now, and we honour the work, commitment and desire of the victims, injured and dead from the different struggles that have taken place.

It is time for us to unite in defense of our Panama, to reject any kind of oppression, wherever it comes from, and to work together to build a future where justice and dignity are pillars of our society, beyond the parties and governments of the day. Together, we can and will overcome this sad chapter in the past and present of our history and advance toward a Panama that is fair, prosperous and sustainable for the entire population.