Environmental and Health Effects of Chromium

Cliffs Natural Resources is proposing to develop a large chromite deposit in a remote area of northern Ontario that has been dubbed the Ring of Fire. Chromium, which makes up chromite along with iron and oxygen, is a toxic metal that has never been mined in Canada, Recognising a need for additional information, MiningWatch has conducted a literature review of environmental and human health issues associated with mining and processing the metal. The complete literature review and three summary fact sheets are available below.

Complete Literature Review (PDF 846 KB)

Potential impacts of mining and processing chromite. Fact Sheet 1 (PDF 594 KB)

Working with chromite: things you should know. Fact Sheet 2 (PDF 565 KB)

Living near a chromite mine or processing facility: things you should know. Fact Sheet 3 (PDF 447 KB)