Submission to the Marathon Palladium Project Joint Panel Review

These comments were submitted to the Joint Panel reviewing the environmental impact of the proposed Marathon Palladium Mine. We have reviewed documents filed for investors by Generation Mining, particularly the Feasibility Study (FS) and the 2020 Annual Information Return (AIF). We also researched the history of the mine’s proponents by talking to communities where they had operated and searching publicly available literature. 
Both research projects unearthed some serious concerns about the Marathon Mine of which the Panel needs to be aware. These issues are:

  • the potential that the mine will become much larger than that being reviewed in the environmental assessment process;
  • the actual economic viability of the mine is questionable;
  • the public (and First Nations) will not be adequately insured against mine risks; and
  • the history of the main promoters of the mine is not reassuring.