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Blog Entry Ecuadorian Court Suspends Dundee Precious Metals' Operations... local court in southern Ecuador has ordered Dundee Precious Metals to suspend its mining operations in the páramo de ... Park. Similar to the 2022 court ruling, Dundee Precious Metals is again attempting to minimize the importance of the ... agreement . This would grant even more power to Canadian companies such as Dundee Precious Metals to sue Ecuador for ... 06.09.2023 10.219
Blog Entry With Little Transparency from Barrick, Affected Communities Hire Independent Expert to Review Pueblo Viejo Expansion Plans... metres of toxic sludge – a mixture of waste rock, heavy metals, possibly chemicals like cyanide , and contaminated ... mine has severely contaminated the Maguaca River with heavy metals and toxins. Due to this contamination, communities ... 14.08.2023 3.594
News Argentine communities present 71,000 signatures to Buenos Aires court, demanding an investigation into Barrick Gold’s mining disaster... of water contaminated with cyanide, mercury, and heavy metals into local watersheds, polluting at least five ... will be the first of many more in Argentina where Canadian companies like Barrick Gold finally face consequences for ... 31.07.2023 4.286
News The oceans are rich in critical minerals. But will miners be allowed to get them?... Thomas, CBC News Gerard Barron, the CEO and chairman of The Metals Company, pulls a fist-sized black rock out of his ... cathode is in here," he says. "It's an amazing mix of metals that are just made for this time we find ourselves ... 14.07.2023 3
News Canada Declares it will not Support Proposals to Mine the Deep Seabed until Robust Regulations are in Place... contingent upon the adoption of regulations.” Canadian companies are racing to be the first to mine the deep sea. ... of a plan of work” is important as Canada’s The Metals Company and its partner country Nauru have announced ... by rejecting a request for a mining permit from The Metals Company and its partner Nauru and actively lobbying ... 10.07.2023 7.519
News MNRF’s 2023-2027 Strategic Plan Fails to Address Environmental Issues and Public Demands... economic. The MNRF seeks to increase the presence of mining companies in Quebec. This is a plan for more mining – not ... MNRF recognizes the importance of recovering and recycling metals, and of redistributing royalties at the local level. Unfortunately, these statements are not accompanied by any concrete targets, indicators, or measures. ... 15.06.2023 2.428
Blog Entry Letter to Minister Joly: Canada Must Join the Call for a Moratorium on Deep Sea Mining... are echoed by civil society, scientists, Indigenous groups, companies, financial institutions, and youth groups from ... could dwarf whatever short term profits may come from the metals sourced from the seabed. Under the United Nations ... 09.06.2023 1.575
News Campaigners push corporations to divest in deep sea mining, as major shipping company Maersk pulls investment... deep sea mining.... Mining Watch Canada has been lobbying companies to end their support of deep sea mining on ... said it was likely economic concerns that were prompting companies to pull their funding. "Companies such as BMW and ... pulled out, or have at least said that they won't source metals from the deep sea," Ms Coumans said. "I think to some ... 15.05.2023 12
News The Metals Company Loses Second Major Investor as Maersk Divests... news mounts for the floundering would-be mining company The Metals Company (TMC) with  The Wall Street Journal ... action. Deep Sea Mining Campaign – MiningWatch Canada The Metals Company Loses Second Major Investor as Maersk Divests ... 09.05.2023 18.367
News Arbitrary Arrests of Water Defenders in El Salvador Puts at Risk Peace Accord... key roles in El Salvador’s historic 2017 decision to ban metals mining . The five, who are members of the Association ... challenging corporate power, such as transnational mining companies,” she says. The Santa Marta 5 have been ... that these arrests are politically motivated as mining companies, many of whom are Canadian, eye the country for ... 25.04.2023 3.096