New Book Coming Soon from MPI: The Silver Bullet: Communities Confronting Mining and Globalisation

Jamie Kneen

National Program Co-Lead

Australia's Mineral Policy Institute (MPI) is coordinating the writing of a book "The Silver Bullet: Communities Confronting Mining and Globalisation." Pluto Press have said they will publish the book if we can guarantee 700 pre-sales.

The book is targeted to activists, but will also be of interest to academic readers. "The Silver Bullet" is an important contribution to the on-going strategising to force accountability of transnational mining companies and contest the form of globalisation. Written from the perspective of grassroots community and non-government organisation campaigns, the book includes contributions from union and community activists as well as academics, that will provide useful analysis and tools for activists around the world.

"The Silver Bullet" is an important opportunity to showcase MPI's work with its partners in Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, US, Canada and West Papua.

In order to generate the necessary pre-sales MPI is asking people to commit to buying a copy of the book (or several).

If you are interested in pre-purchasing copies of this timely and strategic publication please fill in the form below and return to MPI by email ([email protected]) or fax (02 9386 1497).

The actual sales and invoicing will be arranged through Pluto Press when the book is eventually published about June 2001. The cost price of the book is likely to be about US $30.