New Publications from the Canary Institute

Jamie Kneen

National Program Co-Lead

The Canary Research Institute on Mining, Environment and Health has recently published two documents. Both are available by request from the MiningWatch/Canary Institute office or they can be downloaded from the "publications" page.

"Protecting Your Water Rights: A Guide to Environmental Legislation and Limits on Mining Activities in Ontario" by Lara McGuire and Jonquille Pak (60 pages; a 1.1 MB PDF file) provides a detailed summary of mining and water issues in Ontario in terms of what laws and regulations citizens can use to protect their water rights.

"Scrap Mining: An Overview of Metal Recycling in Canada" by Jay Fothergill (11 pages; a 338 kB PDF file) assesses the current state of metals recycling in Canada to see what barriers exist to increasing this practice and in what areas gains are being made. "In Canada, as elsewhere, mining exacts a severe and irreversible toll on... public health, water and air quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and community interests. If we hope to decrease our reliance on this activity while meeting our current and future metal needs, we must look at getting more of our raw materials from secondary sources - the only other terrestrial supply currently available."