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(Not) Canada's Way

Jamie Kneen Communications and Outreach Coordinator responsible for: strategic research, social media, and public engagement; our Africa program, environmental assessment, and uranium mining.
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Are you ready to stand up for justice for mining-affected communities in the Global South?

If the approval of a mine meant you would be kicked off your land, would you expect a chance to say no this project?
And if it went ahead, would you expect to be compensated?
If your drinking water were poisoned or water sources dried up -- would you expect someone to fix the problem?

Canada's companies are the biggest players in the mining sector in developing countries. Their wealth and backing by the Canadian government mean they often have privileged treatment by host governments.

Are Canadian mining companies too big to be held accountable for --
- Environmental crimes?
- Violence committed by their local personnel?
- Influence peddling with host governments?
- Tax avoidance?

Join us to call for:
- Legislated access to Canadian courts for people who have been harmed by the international operations of Canadian companies
- Creation of an extractive-sector Ombuds office in Canada mandated to investigate accusations of abuses and make recommendations to the government and the companies involved.