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Submissions to the Federal Review Panel for Taseko's New Prosperity Gold Copper Project

Following the rejection of its earlier proposal to mine the gold and copper deposit at Teztan Biny (Fish Lake), Taseko resubmitted a modified proposal the company claimed would address the many significant issues identified by the previous review panel. A second review panel was established and hearings were held throughout July and August 2013. Throughout the process expertes identified fundamental weaknesses in Taseko's elaborate scheme to "save" Teztan Biny and address the concerns of the previous review panel.

The full registry of all documents submitted to the panel can be found here.

Below are links to download MiningWatch's submissions and several other key submissions by other participants related to our critique of the project. Our final comments made to the panel on the last day of the hearings are here.

MiningWatch's Written Submission, July 12, 2013 Net Economic Benefits of the New Prosperity Project, Dr Response to Taseko's Critique of Dr MiningWatch Written Submission, August 21, 2013 Natural Resources Canada Final Comments, August 21, 2013 BC Energy and Mines Letter, July 30, 2013 BC Energy and Mines Submission, August 6, 2013