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Act Now to Protect the Nashwaak River from Mine Waste Dump

The Sisson Mine project (Northcliff/HDI/Todd Minerals) is currently applying for permission to dump millions of tons of mining waste into the headwaters of the pristine Nashwaak river and watershed. The federal government, through Environment Canada, is accepting comments from the public until May 3, 2018.

Act now to reject this project and protect the Nashwaak river

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick (CCNB), in partnership with the Nashwaak Watershed Association, the Wolastoqey Nation Grand Council, as well as many local organizations and communities are calling on the solidarity of all Canadians to reject this project and protect the Nashwaak river and watershed. Show your support.

For generations, the Nashwaak river has sustained the Wolastoqey Nation and provided a home to multiple fish species, birds, animals, including brook trout and Atlantic salmon, who heavily depend upon the health of these waters.

The river is also home to many families and communities, from Napadogan to Stanley, Taymouth to Marysville, and many points in between and beyond, who have all flocked to the banks of the Nashwaak river to enjoy its waters, rich ecosystems and opportunities.

This legacy is now threatened by the Sisson Mine project, a proposal to build a large, low-grade tungsten open-pit mine and a waste facility that would contain millions of tons of toxic material at the headwaters of the Nashwaak watershed... forever.

Sign a letter now to reject this project and protect the Nashwaak River

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