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MiningWatch Canada Pleased to Welcome New Communications Coordinator Val Croft

Jamie Kneen

National Program Co-Lead

MiningWatch Canada is excited to announce that Valerie Croft has joined our staff as Communications Coordinator. Her skills and experience will bring us added capacity and will allow us to be more creative, more thorough, and more effective in our public communications, media work, and social media presence. 

Val brings over a decade of experience accompanying communities resisting Canadian mining projects, amplifying their voices through strategic advocacy and communications campaigns. After living in Guatemala for several years, she returned to Canada in 2017 to work alongside grassroots and civil society organizations pushing for greater corporate accountability in Canada.

With a background in journalism and political science, Val focuses on story-based strategy as a way to support community self-determination. She has a strong personal interest in urban agriculture and sharing food as a way to strengthen movements for social change. 

MiningWatch welcomes Val's commitment solidarity and self-determination for all peoples. Her skills and experience in working with community and grassroots organisations will be especially needed in a time when clear, honest, and inspirational communication is simultaneously critically important and harder to find amidst competing "narratives" of political opportunism, economic exploitation, and corporate greenwashing.