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Welcoming Alexandra Kazakova, Interim Fundraising and Operations Coordinator

MiningWatch is pleased to welcome Alexandra Kazakova as Interim Fundraising and Operations Coordinator, replacing Diana Martin while she is on maternity leave. Alexandra will oversee and lead all aspects of the fundraising portfolio and plans, as well as institutional operations.

Alexandra Kazakova is from Kazakhstan and immigrated to Canada in 2017. She has a master's degree in public administration and a bachelor's degree in economics, and her particular interests are in the policy research and program management spheres. Alexandra has 20 years of experience working with international and national development projects supported by international agencies including the UN and the European Union. 

She was actively involved in a series of issue-based national advocacy campaigns to promote human rights and strengthen the democratic culture in the Central Asia region. After coming to Canada, Alexandra worked as the divisional coordinator and data analyst for the policy and legislation branch of the Manitoba government’s Department of Finance. As a freelance researcher, she has also conducted dozens of research projects, needs assessments, and external program evaluations.