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25 Years Building Mining Justice

MiningWatch is turning 25! Join us for our in-person conference in Ottawa on June 7, which will be a special opportunity to reflect on where we were when MiningWatch Canada first formed 25 years ago and the challenges posed by a global intensification of mining today. We set out to bring people together to exchange experiences and grow solidarity and expertise to challenge the power of the mining industry and the politics that serve it, building networks, coalitions, and relationships. What have we learned? And where do we go from here? Gain important insight into how the struggle for mining justice has evolved and hear from Indigenous and other mining-affected communities about their powerful organizing strategies to protect life for generations to come.

A Bad Deal for Canada: Mining giant Glencore’s Canadian expansion threatens climate and communities

Global commodity trading and mining giant Glencore, a notorious corporation with a long and steady record of irresponsible behaviour, was just approved to dramatically expand its presence in Canada by taking possession of four massive coal mines in British Columbia.

This report looks at some of the reasons there is a great deal to worry about. Among them are significant climate and environmental risks, and Glencore’s dismal track record on human rights, environmental protections, climate, and corruption.